Victory Liner Inc. posts warning against hoax account

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QUEZON CITY, Philippines – A netizen named MJ Jayme shared a screen grab of bus company Victory Liner Incorporated’s Facebook page which shows a passenger reporting an unpleasant experience with one of the company’s bus conductors. The passenger mentioned bus number 305 en route to Iba, Zambales in the North. The incident happened Monday, said the post.

Perhaps the passenger expected something polite for an answer, but what the passenger received was something unbelievable. The “customer service” person replied, “Sana sinapak mo (you should’ve punched him).”  The passenger agreed that he should have done so but obviously did not since he chose to report instead.

The “customer service” person answered back, more offensive this time: “Ngayon ka ngangawa kung kailan tapos na. Wala ka palang ba**g (Now that it’s over, you keep whining. Turns you don’t have ba**s.) ” The inquiring passenger was obviously shocked by the Victory Liner’s answer and reminded the supposed customer service that if he had started a fight, it would have caused inconvenience to other passengers.


It turned out that the FB page was a fake account. Victory Liner Inc. was quick to clear the issue. On its official account, Victory Liner Inc. posted a screen grab of the hoax page with a warning to the riding public.

Read Victory Liner Inc.’s advisory to its patrons:


– Marje Pelayo

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