New video ad for Max’s Restaurant goes viral with its message of inclusion [VIDEO]

A video advert produced by dining chain Max’s Restaurant has gone viral since it was uploaded this past Saturday on the company’s Facebook account. Netizens are praising the ad’s message of acceptance, as well as its impressive special effects and use of the classic local song Kaleidoscope World.

The video, which clocks in at more than 2 minutes, shows several aliens landing in Manila. They see the whole city in disarray, and protestors clashing with police. Though most of the Filipinos they encounter respond with antagonism, the aliens were welcomed with open arms once they roll through an eerily calm Max’s Restaurant.

Watch the video below.

The video has gotten over 658,000 views and 11,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Several netizens pointed out the video’s computer-generated images (CGI) as a highlight. One said it was better than the CGI used in the television show Victor Magtanggol, which has become a butt of jokes for using what people thought were sub-par visual effects.

Photo: Max’s Restaurant/FB

Albert Salas has nothing but praise for the video. He wrote: “The best commercial ever. It shows that people are equal.”

Photo: Max’s Restaurant/FB

Leana Fiel, however, used it as an opportunity to low-key criticize the restaurant.

She wrote: Hmmm… weird, [an] alien family [is] welcome at Max’s Restaurant. But [they] wont (sic) allow our dog(small), a member of our family and from earth too, [to stay] inside. And even [after] we’ve (sic) decided to eat outside, the waiter keeps (sic) on giving our dog a disgusted look. Oh well, good commercial though.”

Photo: Max’s Restaurant/FB

Fiel didn’t mention which Max’s branch she referred to.

Dylan Aliba shared a few thoughts that were more about the restaurant’s menu.

He wrote: “But seeing your price would leave someone feeling like he’s on another planet. I’d rather eat at Mang Inasal where they offer unlimited rice.”

Max’s isn’t really a fine dining restaurant but neither is it a budget eatery like Mang Inasal. The latter is at the cheaper end of the price spectrum and caters to a different target market.

Photo: Max’s Restaurant/FB

Though it doesn’t yet command the level of fandom that, say, Jollibee does, Max’s is one of the more popular dining chains in the country. It was founded in 1945 by a Stanford-educated teacher named Maximo Gimenez — hence the name Max’s.

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