Video of paramedics helping elderly woman caught in the rain goes viral

People are praising Singapore paramedics for helping an elderly caught in the rain (Photo: Facebook Video Screengrab)

It’s always heartening to read stories of people in Singapore helping strangers in need.

One such instance, captured in a video that has been trending on social media, involves three paramedics helping an elderly woman who had been caught in the rain.

According to a post by a Ka Maghalingam, who published the story on behalf of her close friend and eyewitness Serene Seah, the incident took place at about 1pm on 8 October near Upper Boon Keng Road. The post was published a month later on Wednesday (8 November) afternoon.

Seah had been cycling home when she saw an ambulance stop by the side of the road near the junction of Upper Boon Keng and Geylang Lorong 3. Two paramedics had alighted to assist an elderly woman who had been walking in the heavy rain.

The paramedics escorted the woman to a nearby bus stop, where they used tissue paper to wipe her dry. One paramedic also offered the woman a blanket but she refused it. The woman was also offered an umbrella but turned that down as well.

According to the post, the woman said that it would be inconvenient for her to walk with both the umbrella and her walking stick at the same time. Seah had then offered to help the paramedics take the woman home. Her name was later found to be Madam Irene, who lives at Geylang Lorong 3.

She had gone out for lunch as she did not like the food donated to her by the welfare home. “She told me that she didn’t like her lunch given by the welfare home and that was the reason why she had to take the bus service no. 140 to have her lunch at her preferred location,” the post read. 

Seah was impressed by the actions of the paramedics, whom she said had “displayed very positive mind-set on their work attitude and were very sincere on helping Mdm Irene.”

“Their consideration and kindness should not go unnoticed, should be recognised and they should be rewarded,” Seah added.

The post has since garnered over 3,000 shares with many commenters praising the paramedics for their efforts.

“Well done guys. That should be the way, all Singaporeans should not be selfish (and) must think of others too. How (would you feel) if they are your family member?” said Willy Koh Heong Huat on Facebook.

“It’s so heartwarming. (That officer) is like treating that lady like his own grandma. Why am I tearing? … A true inspiration to us all,” said a Ct Ja Mi Lah.

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