VIDEO: See how prototype Chevy Volt bodies are built

Sam Abuelsamid
·1 min read

Click above to watch video after the jump

Right now the crew at General Motors' pre-production operations center at the Warren Technical Center is in the midst of building 75 Chevy Volt IVER prototypes. IVERs, or integration vehicle engineering release prototypes, are the last stage of prototypes prior to pilot builds. For these IVER builds, pretty much all of the production intent parts and systems are in place and the intent of the build process is to evaluate final assembly processes. The cars are all built by hand, but the technicians and engineers are testing the build sequence as it will be done on the line to make sure everything actually goes together.

As always, the first stage of final assembly is the body shop. The video after the jump shows stampings that for the Volt that are assembled on jigs and then welded by hand before the complete body is painted. GM will apparently be releasing a series of videos documenting the complete build process, so stay tuned. Check out the first one after the jump.

[Source: General Motors]