Activists Project 'Is the Prime Minister a Criminal?' Onto Palace of Westminster

An anti-Brexit campaign group projected a mocked-up mug shot of Boris Johnson onto the Palace of Westminster in video shared on September 11, asking “is the prime minister a criminal?”

The projection refers to statements made by members of Boris Johnson’s government, including Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, that they intend to “test” a law passed by parliament that requires the prime minister to seek a Brexit deadline extension from the EU, and seeks to prevent the UK from leaving the EU without a deal on October 31.

Video of the projection was tweeted by the campaign group Led By Donkeys on the same date that Scotland’s highest court, the Court of Session, ruled that the advice given by the British government to the Queen to prorogue parliament from September 9 to October 14 was “unlawful and therefore the prorogation itself was unlawful.”

The Court of Session noted that their ruling was in contrast to the decision made by the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court of England and Wales, with Lord Carloway noting that the matter was “likely to require resolution by the United Kingdom Supreme Court”. Credit: Led By Donkeys via Storyful