Angelina Jolie Meets Refugee Breakdancers on UNHCR Peru Trip

Angelina Jolie met with some breakdancing Venezuelan refugees in Lima as part of a three-day trip to Peru with the UNHCR in October.

In a video shared by the UNHCR on November 15, Jolie visits a hostel in the San Juan de Lurigancho district, in east Lima, and meets members of breakdancing group Inyectando Kultura.

One dancer tells the Jolie that the aim is to share their culture with the local neighborhood.

The UNHCR said the purpose of the trip was for Jolie to assess the humanitarian needs of Venezuelan refugees and the challenges facing Peru as a country.

Footage recorded by the UNHCR shows Jolie watching the group perform. It also shows her speaking to individual refugees about their journeys and the challenges they face. Credit: UNHCR via Storyful