Bear Breaks in and Parkours Down Staircase in Lake Tahoe House

In what could be described as an inverse Goldilocks situation, a mother bear and her two cubs broke into a home in Homewood, California, before being chased out by volunteers with the Bear League on October 9.

Ann Bryant works with the Bear League, a Lake Tahoe–area bear advocacy group, and she was called to the house to address the break-in.

According to a Facebook post by the Bear League, upon Bryant’s arrival, the momma bear ran outside, while one of her cubs followed. The other one, however, remained in the house.

Bryant had to chase the second cub out of the home, and was able to record a video of the encounter. The video shows the cub trying to get away from Bryant, climbing over a couch and a banister before jumping off and running down a set of stairs.

The Bear League posted the video to their Facebook page with a caption encouraging homeowners in the area to electrify “vulnerable and accessible doors and windows.”

“It’s no fun having bears in houses,” the league said. “They do not tidy up after themselves.” Credit: Ann Bryant via Storyful