Knock, Knock! Who's There? A Bear in the Night!

Tom and Michelle Kalvin received a surprise visitor early Monday morning, May 14, when a bear walked onto their front porch and appeared knock on their door in Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

According to Tom, the bear had been on his porch the night before this footage was recorded, rummaging around and most likely looking for food. Tom had replaced a hummingbird and bird feeder on Sunday morning, only to have the bear come by and take the entire bird feeder around 11pm. The Kalvins went to bed around 12:30am on Monday morning, and the bear returned about a half an hour later, walking onto their porch and appearing to knock right on their front door. The Kalvins have seen the bear since this video was taken, and they anticipate more sightings this season.

For the record, black bears such as this one are quite fond of bird seed. Credit: Tom Kalvin via Storyful