Bison Rolls Around in Fresh Wisconsin Snow

A 22-year-old bison named Beefcake did his version of a snow angel at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin, on November 11.

In a video shared by the zoo, and taken by zookeeper Taylor Woods, Beefcake rolls his large body around the snow and kicks his legs in the air. He then stands up and shakes the snow off his mane.

The zoo’s post accompanying the Facebook video said: “The polar bears aren’t the only ones enjoying the snow – Beefcake is one happy boy today!”

Madison and other parts of southern Wisconsin were hit with up to six inches of snow on November 11, local media reported. Most roads and some of the Interstate system in southern Wisconsin were snow-covered. The Department of Transportation also reported a number of accidents and spinouts on Milwaukee area Interstates. Credit: Henry Vilas Zoo via Storyful