Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse, Interrupts Soccer Game, and Charges at Spectators

A bull on the loose ran onto a soccer field in San Pedro de Jujuy, Argentina, on October 13, interrupting a soccer game and charging toward the players. Isaac Damián Torres recorded this footage and originally posted it to his Facebook page.

The bull barged onto the field after escaping a nearby slaughterhouse, according to local newspaper Cronica.

In this footage, players can be seen running and jumping out of the way of the bull, as a man on a motorcycle is rushing the animal toward a fence on the far side of the field.

One person was injured and taken to Guillermo Paterson hospital, according to local reports.

Torres told Storyful the police were searching for the bull after the incident, but it is unclear if the bull has been captured. Credit: Isaac Damián Torres via Storyful