Bury Police Officer Jumps Into River to Save Drowning Man

Greater Manchester Police released video on February 19 showing a dramatic rescue by an officer in Bury, who jumped into the River Irwell to pull a distressed man to safety.

Video from PC Mohammed Nadeem’s bodycam shows him entering the water as the man in the river struggles to stay afloat. The camera is submerged for the rescue itself and, at the end of the video, the rescued man can be heard struggling for breath.

Nadeem told the Bury Times of his pride after the incident, which had earned him the nickname “the Hoff.” Ironically, he also admitted, “I’m not a great swimmer.”

“I got to the scene and there was a man next to the river bank on his phone,” Nadeem told the Bury Times.

“I tried to speak to him to find out who he was and if I could help him, but he ignored me and didn’t really talk. At that point two more vehicles parked up, with two sergeants, a PCSO, and a police officer, to see if they could help and get him from where he was. As we were doing this he fell into the river. I then went to the river bank, which was a good nine or 10ft drop and got into the water.”

Supt Rick Jackson of GMP’s Bury Borough, said: “Without hesitation, PC Nadeem dived off an eight-foot drop into freezing, deep and fast moving water. The man is now safe and receiving the treatment he needs. I’d like to personal commend PC Nadeem’s actions which were a prime example of why people join the force – to protect people and make sure they are away from harm." Credit: Greater Manchester Police via Storyful