California Kayaker Shows Off Bite Marks and Teeth Left Behind by Shark

A kayaker off the coast of Santa Catalina Island in Southern California received a set of unforgettable souvenirs – two giant teeth and bite marks on his boat – when what he described as a great white shark bit the back of his kayak.

Danny McDaniel, 51, of the local Power Scuba group, can be seen in this October 7 footage showing off the shark teeth and dents in his boat, explaining that they were made by what he estimated to be a “15-foot shark” that “just hit him out of the blue.”

McDaniel said the shark bit his kayak for about five seconds, and another man with him, Jon Chambers, confirmed the story, saying the shark rocked McDaniel’s kayak and pushed it about “60 degrees” before leaving and going on its way.

According to a local report, both men were visiting the area with divers from Power Scuba, and McDaniel said that he felt like he was “being pushed like a toy in the water.” Credit: Power Scuba via Storyful