California School Bus Gets Stuck Under Barrier Arm at Train Crossing

A school bus in Lodi, California, was so close to railroad tracks as a train passed on the morning of January 13 that the boom barrier used to close off car traffic rested on the roof of the vehicle, video shows.

Justin Clubb recorded the close call near Lodi Avenue and Sacramento Street. Clubb told Storyful the Lodi Unified School District bus stopped at the train tracks and then began to pull forward as the railroad crossing sign began to flash. The bus started to reverse, but the arm was already closing on top of it.

“Luckily they cleared the train by maybe a half a foot,” Clubb said.

Clubb can be heard in the footage voicing his concern, saying, “Are there kids in there? I have no … idea.”

In a statement posted to Facebook, the Lodi Unified School District confirmed the bus seen in the video was one of their buses. The district also confirmed there was one student on the bus; the student was unharmed.

In the same post, the district said they are fully investigating the incident. Credit: Justin Clubb via Storyful