Camps in Idlib Stretched as Civilians Flee Fighting Between Syrian Army and Islamic State

Hundreds of families who have fled fighting between Syrian forces and Islamic State in Uqayribat, a town east of Hama, Syria, have overwhelmed local reception centers in Idlib, which lack enough basic necessities for them, a reporter there said.

On September 16, families were directed to two camps north of Idlib, one in Mezzanaz run by Maram Foundation, and the other in Marat al-Ikhwan, which is run by Saad Charity. Hundreds of civilians have been fleeing from Uqayribat since the beginning of September.

In a video recorded at the Maram Camp by Ibrahim Yasouf, a reporter in Idlib province, a man describes the lack of food and medicine for those who survived the journey to the camp.

In a video recorded at Saad Camp by the same reporter, a boy says bombing drove them from Wadi al-Azeeb, where they had no water or food. He says they urgently need milk for babies.

A woman in Saad Camp says everyone and everything in Uqayribat, where they are from, has been destroyed. Credit: Ibrahim Yasouf via Storyful