Car Blazes in Traffic Near European Parliament in Brussels

A car sat engulfed in flames for a half-hour in central Brussels on September 17, footage captured at the scene shows.

The small passenger vehicle was parked in the intersection of Rue Belliard and Rue de Treves in Brussels’ Leopold Quarter, a few blocks north of the European Parliament.

Carlos Carnicero Urabayen, a journalist and political analyst based in Brussels, provided Storyful with footage of the fire, taken two blocks up Rue Belliard. Other vehicles could be seen moving around the burning car and continuing down the avenue, even as black smoke billowed up from the middle of the street.

According to local reports, firefighters were informed of the incident at around 4:30 pm. A number of images and videos were posted to social media shortly thereafter.

By 5:00 pm, firefighters had arrived at the scene. Images taken later in the day showed the fire had been put out. As of the evening of September 17, the cause of the fire was still unclear. Credit: Carlos Urabayen via Storyful