Car Drives Onto Brooklyn Sidewalk, Hitting Protester on Bike

A black SUV drove across a sidewalk in Brooklyn on June 6 and drove into a man on a bike, forcing him and others out of the way.

The incident occurred during a night of large-scale protests across New York City following the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

This video, captured by Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, shows the SUV driving onto a sidewalk and striking one cyclist before another person on a bike blocks the vehicle’s path. One person can be seen jumping on the side of the car following the initial contact.

The driver of a matching vehicle was reportedly stopped by protesters and detained by police nearby. The New York Police Department said in a statement to Storyful that the driver was taken into custody and “effectively charged” after injuring one cyclist in the incident. Credit: Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein via Storyful