Car Passes Through Extreme Flooding in Winnie, Texas

While driving on I-10 in Winnie, Texas on September 19, local resident Eduardo Martinez experienced first-hand the effects of Tropical Depression Imelda.

In the video, Martinez drives through extreme flooding, which overtook the interstate due to heavy rainfall in southeastern Texas. The water appears to nearly reach his passenger side window.

According to his Facebook caption, Martinez initially drove through the area when it wasn’t flooded but noticed the water rising, so he turned around. As he drove back, his passage was aided by an 18-wheeler opening the way in front of him.

The National Weather Service said the Houston area experienced its “wettest calendar day ever recorded in the month of September.” Thursday saw 9.21 inches of rain, up from the previous record, set in 2008, of 7.73 inches, the organization reported. Credit: Eduardo Martinez via Storyful