Car Ping-Pongs Around Road Before Rolling Off Colorado Springs Highway

A car was caught on camera ping-ponging across a Colorado interstate, knocking against a wall and a guardrail on opposite sides of the road before flipping into a ditch in Colorado Springs on Monday, January 20.

This dramatic footage was filmed by Diconte Franklin, who was in a vehicle behind the car on Interstate 25. The video shows the rollover crash as well as the car lying upside down in the ditch immediately afterward.

“Police were being called as the video was ending,” Franklin wrote. “We [were] the first people there to drag her out and make sure no children were hurt. We were not close enough to her to be in danger. We had our hazard lights flashing and kept traffic behind us to keep them from getting hit.”

The driver of the vehicle, an unidentified woman, survived the incident and has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a report from The Colorado Springs Gazette, citing local police. Credit: Diconte Franklin via Storyful