'They Certainly Could Have Died': Family in Jeep Rescued From Arizona Flash Flood

A family of five and their dog was rescued from a flash flood near Tonto National Forest in Arizona on February 22, local media reported.

Christina Girard of the Arizona Off-Road 4×4 Recovery towing service, which performed the rescue, said she was in the area with another team member due to severe flood warnings. She said she watched as around 50 people got stuck on one side of Sycamore Creek as the water started to rise.

“This family of five with a small boy clutching a puppy decided to cross,” she told Storyful. “We watched their headlights disappear in the water and then sprung into action. They were holding onto the roll bars of their vehicle all up on the roof.”

Girard added that her partner was able to “lasso style” throw his winch line and get them pulled up. “They certainly could have died,” she said. “I have no idea why they were where they were with the warnings.”

According to Girard, the other 50 people who were stranded due to the flooding slept overnight in their vehicles until the water receded enough on February 23 to cross safely.

Local media reported that the family was at Sycamore Creek for a celebration of life for their son who died last week. Credit: Christina Girard via Storyful