Children Get Baby Goats Ready for Bedtime With Run Around Farmyard

Two energetic children in Maine were decidedly up to the challenge of wearing out a herd of baby goats to prepare them for bedtime, footage shows.

This video was captured by Hope Hall of Sunflower Farm Creamery, in Cumberland, Maine. The footage shows Hall’s grandkids Max and Astro commencing a family tradition of putting the baby goats to bed, but not without wearing the animals out first.

“The tradition began years ago with our own kids running with the goats down the driveway. How fun to see the littlest ones of the next generation taking over the job!” Hall wrote in the YouTube caption.

An estimated “60 playful little goats” are born on the farm each spring, Hall said. Her YouTube channel features a wealth of videos showing the daily life and adventures of the farm’s inhabitants. Credit: Hope Hall via Storyful

Video Transcript




- Bring him in here.

- Bring him in. Come on, dinner time.

- With me!

- Come in.

- Can I go inside too?


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