Chimp and Baboon Saved From Captivity in Rural Congo Village

A chimp and a baboon were rescued from cramped conditions by rescue organization Lwiro Primates in the Democratic Republic of Congo on April 19.

Along with the help of Kahuzi Biega National Park, Lwiro Primates freed the illegally held chimp and baboon in a village not far from Lwiro in the province of South Kivu. The animals were given up by a family who wanted to give them a better life, according to a post on the Lwiro Primates Facebook page.

The organization said the pair will join a group of a group of primates after they pass quarantine at their sanctuary.

“Thanks to the work of sensitization more people understand that wild animals deserves better. The family who held them for all these years call us because they want for them a better life, and we are going to provide it,” the post read. Credit: Lwiro Primates via Storyful