Classmates Cheer as Boy With Dwarfism Conquers Swimming Pool Fear

Rodney Walker captured video of his son Jacob, who has a rare form of dwarfism, ringing the bell at his swim class to celebrate conquering his fear of getting in the water during swim lessons in Richmond, Virginia, on Friday, January 17.

At 10 years old, Jacob stands just over three feet tall. His father signed him up for swimming lessons at SwimRVA in Richmond, but after two weeks Jacob was still too afraid to participate with his classmates in the water because he could not reach the bottom of the pool, media reported.

On Friday SwimRVA, a nonprofit that provides “free, top-quality learn-to-swim lessons to … underserved youth,” according to its website, surprised Jacob by installing a platform designated for him so he could safely stand in the water.

Jacob walked into the pool area from the locker room and was presented with the special platform from the staff and he was finally able to join his classmates.

After the session was over, Jacob got out of the pool and rang the bell to signify he had passed his first swim station.

The video shows Jacob ringing the bell as his classmates and the staff at SwimRVA cheer him on. Credit: Rodney Walker via Storyful