Climate Protesters Dance the Nutbush to Stop Traffic in Adelaide

Protesters danced the ‘Nutbush’ to bring lunchtime traffic in the Adelaide city centre to a halt on October 10 to “shake out” their frustration at climate change inaction.

The event in the South Australian state capital involved around 20 people repeatedly dancing to Tina Turner’s Nutbush City Limits on Flinders St in front of government offices.

It was one of several protests under the Extinction Rebellion umbrella taking place around the country during a week-long campaign.

On October 9, one protester chained himself to the tracks at a Queensland train station during the morning peak hour, while the previous morning another protester suspended himself from Brisbane’s Story Bridge.

In a post announcing the Adelaide “traffic swarm”, organisers said participants could “dance through the fear of the coming climate crisis”.

“Life as we know it will change over the next decades. A little delay in traffic is a small discomfort compared to what the future will hold,” the post said. Credit: Extinction Rebellion South Australia via Storyful