Coast Guard Ship Diciotti Arrives in Trapani Carrying Alleged 'Violent Hijackers'

The Italian Coast Guard vessel Diciotti docked at the port of Trapani on Thursday, July 12, carrying 67 migrants who were rescued from the coast of Libya, including a group who allegedly threatened crew members of the ship that initially saved them.

According to a report from Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, several of the migrants on board the Diciotti had threatened crew of the private vessel Vos Thalassa, which rescued them from Libya over the weekend of July 8. After the Diciotti docked in Trapani, the 67 migrants on board the ship were unable to dock until the ones involved in the alleged violence were identified.

“Before I give any authorization, I am waiting to know the names, surnames and nationality of the violent hijackers who must get off the Diciotti in handcuffs,” Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said, as reported by ANSA. “I won’t authorize the disembarkment until I have guarantees that the delinquents who hijacked a ship with violence will spend some time in jail and then be taken back to their own countries.”

According to The Telegraph, police entered the ship and questioned those involved in the threats, allegedly two men from Sudan and Ghana.

The latest update in Agenzia Giornalistica Italia’s report indicates the men were identified by 9:30pm, about seven hours after the ship first docked, and the disembarking of the other migrants was about to commence.

This footage shows the Diciotti arriving at the port of Trapani. Credit: marioddo via Storyful