Out-of-Context Video Clip Latest Smear on Georgia Candidate Abrams

A misleading video that claims Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams ‘attacked’ the agriculture and hospitality industries has amassed hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook since it was first posted on October 17.

The clip, taken from a Facebook Live video broadcast on Abrams’s page the day before, failed to include the context of the candidate’s comments and was first posted on Facebook by Abrams’s opponent, gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp, where it has amassed over 150,000 views to date.

During a campaign event in Georgia Southern University, Abrams spoke of her ambitions to bring 50,000 jobs to the state if elected, and said, “I want to create a lot of different jobs ’cos people shouldn’t have to go into agriculture or hospitality to make a living in Georgia.”

The clip was later posted on YouTube by Georgia Gun Owners, a gun rights organization run by Georgia native Patrick Parsons that regularly posts anti-Abrams clips, and on Facebook by prominent conservative radio host Erick Erickson.

Abrams has been regularly targeted with misleading claims or doctored images during the election. A doctored image showing Palestinian-American Muslim activist Linda Sarsour holding a placard with the words “communist” and “#MuslimBrotherhood” printed on a poster next to Abrams went viral on Facebook in early October. Credit: Facebook/Stacey Abrams via Storyful