Cruz-O'Rourke Race Draws Significant Lines in Houston for Early Voting

Thousands of people in Houston, Texas, reportedly lined up hours before early voting began for midterm elections on October 22. The US Senate race between Democrat Beto O’Rourke and sitting GOP Sen. Ted Cruz has attracted national attention.

This timelapse video was shot at Houston’s Metropolitan Multi-Services Center, a well-known polling place.

At the same time, something of a parallel scene was happening in the city for President Trump’s rally in support of Cruz, a GOP colleague whom he has previously insulted, even calling into question his wife’s physical appearance. In return, Cruz called then-candidate Trump a “sniveling coward.” Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally was set for 6:30 pm local time in Houston’s Toyota Center.

O’Rourke supporters set up six stations in the city to encourage people to vote a month in advance for his challenge to incumbent Cruz. Credit: Bobby Stark via Storyful