'Cry of Celebration' at Denver Zoo as Sarus Cranes Welcome Their Baby Chick

Denver Zoo’s pair of sarus cranes gave a cry of “celebration,” the zoo said, when they found their new hatchling in their enclosure.

Zoo staff found the egg in July, the Denver Post said, and took it to the zoo’s Avian Propagation Center for incubation. The parents, the Post said, were left to brood over a wooden egg, until the healthy chick was hatched, on August 17, and returned to them.

The zoo’s video shows the moment of discovery as the two parents, named Violetta and Alfredo, return to find their little chick. They both raise their long necks and shriek at what they see, in what the zoo said was both a celebration and a territorial marker, “meant to drive potential predators away.”

Sarus cranes, the tallest flying birds, can grow to nearly six feet and are native to Southeast Asia and Australia. Credit: Denver Zoo via Storyful