Cuteness in Canada: Little Girl and Grandmother Perform Dance Routine at Annual Competition

A community dance competition in Nunavut, Canada, introduced a new category this year that warmed the hearts of spectators and made for some very special performances.

This year, the competition allowed for grandparents and their grandchildren to compete in pairs; one such performance was recorded by Myna Maktar on January 2.

The video shows a toddler and her grandmother in the center of the Pond Inlet Community Hall as they proceed to perform a tap dance routine for the audience surrounding them.

The crowd claps and cheers along with the music as the pair dances together, and once their performance is over, the grandmother picks up her granddaughter and leaves the center of the circle to make way for the next pair.

Although other pairs competed, the routine Maktar filmed ended up winning the category and taking home the prize. Credit: Myna Maktar via Storyful