Cyclone Berguitta Impacts Moka, Mauritius

Cyclone Berguitta brought high winds and heavy rainfall to Mauritius on Thursday, January 18.

This video shared by Swedish tourist Bengt Engdahl on YouTube shows the storm brewing outside Wellkin hospital in the village of Moka on January 17.

Sharing the video online, he wrote: “The storm’s eye is currently just a few miles off the coast. Class III cyclone warning has been issued throughout the island. There is not a car out and running. It will be interesting to follow the next few hours.”

The cyclone’s centre was about 220 miles south east of Mauritius on January 17, with maximum wind speeds of 90 miles per hour, according to reports. It was forecast to pass directly over Mauritius on January 18, the report said. The Mauritius Meteorological Service has issued a class III warning for the cyclone. Credit: YouTube/Bengt Engdahl via Storyful