Danish Medical Company Establishes Refugee Employment Program

MidtVask, the largest Danish hospital laundry company, launched a partnership program with the Midtjylland town government to incorporate refugees into the workforce amid an influx of new arrivals in January 2017, according to a UNHCR press release.

The program, funded at a state-level, consists of paid internships, Danish language classes, and on-the-job training across several different industries. The company’s CEO, Pernille Lundvang, told the UNHCR: “People say I have a good heart for employing refugees. And I say yes – but it’s business. It’s a win-win-win…for the individual, for the company, and for the society."

The video was released as part of a larger campaign around the release of the UNHCR’s Global Trends Report 2016 and World Refugee Day, slated to take place on June 20. Credit: UNHCR via Storyful