Daredevil 'Waterskis' on Body Board After Rain Hits Drought-Stricken New South Wales

Daredevil Charles Berrell made the most of rainfall that hit his family farm in drought-stricken Walgett, New South Wales, by “waterskiing” on February 7 on a body board pulled by a quad-bike.

Berrell told Storyful that the farm has experienced a drought for over-three years. “We finally received some very helpful rain,” Berrell said, “so I decided to make my family laugh whilst having some fun.”

Days before this video was taken, Mike Funnell of the Bureau of Meteorology said that towns in New South Wales, including Walgett, had recorded about 0.8 inches (20 mm) of rain by February 5 but that some agricultural areas saw even more. Further rain was predicted for the area. Credit: Charles Berrell via Storyful