Demonstrators Demand End to COVID-19 Restrictions in Nevada County, California

Protestors gathered outside the city hall of Grass Valley, California, on May 22, demanding an end to Nevada County’s COVID-19 restrictions.

Footage shows Rep. Doug LaMalfa addressing the press at the ReOpen Nevada County rally, saying: “So really, they are correct, all business is essential, it’s all part of the fiber of our economy, and it needs to be going again.”

Prior to the rally, the Grass Valley Chamber and Visitors Center had rescinded granting a parking lot as an event space, posting to Facebook: “We wholeheartedly agree with your outpouring of concern about public safety and hope that anyone who may attend follows the CDC and Nevada County Health protocols. Also, earlier this evening we learned that our supervisors will not be speaking. To that end, the board of directors has reversed our position and we rescind our support of this event.” Credit: via Storyful