'Is This Our Dog?!': Guy Surprises Girlfriend With Her Dream Puppy

Rossi Simon met girlfriend Danielle by her workplace at Century City, California, on June 28, to present her with a surprise: a long-desired English bulldog puppy.

Danielle had inadvertently provided Simon with the perfect opportunity to pull off the surprise by leaving her glasses at home. When Simon drove to meet Danielle to return them to her, he brought new puppy Mars with him in the back seat of the car.

Simon’s 12-year-old son captured this video of the surprise, as Danielle reacted with joy and disbelief. “You’re lying!” she exclaimed, before adding, “Babe, is this our dog?!”

Simon told Storyful, “Her constantly telling me how ready she was for a dog the closer it got to the actual surprise made it that much sweeter.” Credit: Rossi Simon via Storyful