Driver Runs Into Debris on Interstate 4 Following Tornado

A driver ran into debris on Florida’s Interstate 4 between Tampa and Lakeland after a confirmed tornado touched down near the highway late on Friday, October 18.

“Decided to end our night driving through a #tornado. minor car damage, Sam’s a bit disturbed that something so terrifying can happen so quickly like that, and my eardrum hurts soooo bad. Nothing like the pressure… never experienced it before. Thankful God kept us safe,” Melissa Korta wrote on Instagram.

According to local reports, the tornado damaged structures and caused at least one multi-vehicle collision on the same highway, during which a tractor-trailer overturned onto a passing SUV.

The tornado was associated with Post-Tropical Cyclone Nestor, which was downgraded from a tropical cyclone on Saturday afternoon. The storm was expected to turn through Georgia and the Carolinas before heading back towards the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday night. Credit: Melissa Korta via Storyful