Drought-Ravaged Creek and Dam Fill With Water After Rain Hits Goondiwindi, Queensland

Residents in the drought-affected community of Goondiwindi, on the New South Wales-Queensland border, rejoiced when the heavens opened on Friday, October 11.

Local woman Kerry Lee filmed this shot of “a creek, that has been dry for a long time, filling a dam”.

“Friday night the rain fell. I videoed this on Saturday 12th October in the morning at 4:30 am,” Lee told Storyful.

“I couldn’t wait for the sun to come up. It was 12 months nearly to the day from the last big storm that filled the same dam,” she said.

Lee shared before and after photos showing a dry creek bed and paddock before the great downpour on Friday filled all nearby catchments and caused minor flooding to her property.

Goondiwindi is one of many communities across the state that is a “fully drought-declared shire”. Credit: Kerry Lee via Storyful