Drunk Man 'Lucky to Be Alive' After Lying Down in Path of Oncoming Train

A man who British Transport Police said was drunk not only survived, but escaped injury when he was almost run over by a train after climbing onto the tracks at a station in Essex.

In video released by the transport police, Derek Acton, 44, can be seen sitting on the edge of a platform at Harlow Mill station before getting onto the tracks. Seconds later, as he appears to be lying just inches from the tracks, a train speeds through.

The incident happened in October 2017, police said. On February 19, Acton was fined, handed a 12-month community order, and banned from drinking alcohol for 60 days, police said.

Insp Steve Webster, of the British Transport Police, said: “Quite frankly, Acton is lucky to be alive. In his intoxicated state, he climbed down onto the tracks and lay in the path of a fast approaching train. His actions were baffling."

Police said Acton’s recklessness cost the rail operator £11,700 in delay compensation. Credit: British Transport Police via Storyful