Dubai's Public Beaches Reopen After Two-Month Closure Due to Coronavirus

Public beaches in Dubai reopened on May 29, over two months after they were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, news reports said.

Beaches and other public areas were closed in late March by Emirati authorites. Earlier in May, some parks and private beaches were allowed to open, but public beaches remained closed.

The Dubai government also announced several reopening measures that would decrease restrictions on businesses and education facilities. Additional limitations remain in place for those over the age of 60 and under the age of 12. Individuals in these age groups are considered vulnerable and are forbidden from entering certain public locations such as shopping malls, reports said.

Though the UAE has tallied over 33,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, the number of new cases recorded per day has decreased in late May. Credit: @Mahir_Vrazalic via Storyful