'Easy Money': Ohio Principal's Catch Frees High School Football Team From Practice

A high school principal in Cincinnati, Ohio, made his school’s football team very happy after catching a kickoff that – per a wager – allowed the team to get out of a scheduled practice after two weeks of training camp.

A spokesperson for La Salle High School Football told Storyful the team was informed that if La Salle Principal Aaron Marshall caught the ball, the day’s second practice would be canceled and the players could have a break from summer training.

This video shows Marshall awaiting a kickoff from kicker Jake Seibert as the team looks on. As a whistle sounds, Seibert – who has committed to Ohio State University – lines up for the kickoff before sending the ball soaring into the air and into Marshall’s hands.

The team erupts and surrounds their principal, with one teammate even lifting Marshall into the air as he holds onto the ball tightly and grins.

“We got after it the next day, but that second practice of the day was needed off!” the team said on Twitter. Credit: La Salle Football via Storyful