Emergency Crews Battle Bushfires in Western Australia Which Have Engulfed Over 20,000 Hectares

West Australian firefighters are battling three major bushfires burning over more than 20,000 hectares, with two of them threatening lives and homes, local media reported.

In a video taken by Sam Napa, an employee with the McDermott Aviation Group, a helicopter can be seen dumping water to contain a fire on Breakwater Drive, in Yanchep, Western Australia.

Local media reported that firefighters protected more than 6,000 homes from the fire by December 14, with communities warned to remain vigilant as the temperature was expected to reach 40C, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology warned.

Emergency warnings remain for the two bushfires declared in the northern Perth regions of Yanchep and Mogumber. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services issued a map of areas under a fire warning. Credit: Sam Napa via Storyful