Emu Steals Food From Flying Doctor's Plate at Outback Hotel

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia offers primary health care across some of the most remote parts of the country. So, when they make a stop off for some food, it’s important they get well fed, not that this hungry emu took much notice.

As seen in footage captured by guest James Sproles on December 4 at the Yaraka Hotel, members of the Flying Doctor Service who had “just flown in,” according to Sproles, had a meal interrupted by a hungry emu.

The emu, Sproles said, is “one of three raised as pets from eggs,” at the hotel, in Central West Queensland.

The medics though took it all in good spirits as the emu was led away. Reposting the footage to its Facebook page, the Flying Doctor Service said, “our doctor, nurse and psychologist had their lunch mistaken for bird food by a particularly cheeky emu when they took a break in Yaraka.” Credit: James Sproles via Storyful