New England Kids Delight in Watching Bear Cubs Play With Their Swing Set

Audrey Boskiewicz and her two children were overjoyed to witness two black bear cubs playing with the swing set in their Simsbury, Connecticut, backyard.

In the video, shared on July 10, Boskiewicz’s children, aged five and six, can be heard laughing as they watch the cubs climb up on the jungle gym and pull on swings under the watchful gaze of their mother.

Boskiewicz told Storyful that she and her family had moved to Simsbury one year prior to the date of filming, and they had been “desperate to see bears” in their town.

Boskiewicz added, “The bears took their time showing up – this video is the first time we had ever seen them in our yard.”

The mother bear in the footage is wearing a collar, which, according to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, indicates that she has been tagged for monitoring by the department:

“Data collected from collars provides biologists with important information about the growth, movements, and health of Connecticut’s bear population,” the department said on its website. Credit: Audrey Boskiewicz via Storyful