Firefighters Drive Down Highway Surrounded by Flames From Currowan Blaze

A fresh emergency warning was issued for the Currowan fire on the New South Wales south coast on Tuesday, December 3 as nearby residents were told to seek shelter from the flames.

The NSW Rural Fire Service told people in two regions east of the blaze that it was too late to leave the area and to “protect yourself from the heat of the fire.”

The out-of-control fire north of Batemans Bay had earlier been downgraded to a ‘watch and act’ alert after burning through around 25,000 hectares of bushland.

This video from Fire and Rescue NSW Station 398 Narooma shows firefighters driving down a highway surrounded by flames on the night of December 2. Sections of the Pacific Highway have been closed due to the blaze.

The Currowan fire had destroyed at least one property and several other structures, according to reports.

The fire was one of more than 50 uncontained bushfires burning around the state, the NSW Rural Fire Service said. Credit: Fire and Rescue NSW Station 398 Narooma via Storyful