Like a Fish Out of Water: Novelty Hot Air Balloon Flounders to Ground

The 48th annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta brought together pilots from around the world. However, this year local residents got more than they bargained for when an emergency landing took place on a residential street on October 7.

Things were going swimmingly for a fiesta balloon called Mr. Fish, until the wind picked up and the pilot was forced to adjust his landing plans.

Erika Teran recorded footage of the balloon as it started to descend near the Lovelace Medical Center around 9:30am.

The video shows the basket under the balloon colliding with a tree, then drifting down across a street to a patch of grass.

According to reports, there were no injuries and authorities were able to remove the balloon from the area without any damage.

The nine-day fiesta included 550 hot air balloons and attracted more than 880,000 spectators, according to the organization’s website. Credit: Erika Teran via Storyful