Fishing Vessels Rush to Aid Troubled Cruise Ship Off Norway

Norwegian rescue helicopters and several vessels worked to evacuate a cruise ship off the coast of Hustadvika, near Farstad, Norway, on Saturday, March 23, after the vessel lost engine power amid heavy seas, officials said.

This video was shot by Iver Andreas Tuene aboard a fishing vessel nearby and shows helicopter approaching and hovering alongside the Viking Cruises-owned MV Viking Sky. At least 1,300 people needed to be evacuated, police said. Five helicopters transported passengers ashore in batches, according to Norway’s rescue agency.

Tuene told Storyful that crews of small vessels, such as the one he works on, were asked to assist in the evacuation, but were told to pull away after about an hour due to the rough seas. Credit: Iver Andreas Tuene via Storyful