Former Vietnamese Refugee Helps Syrian Family Adapt to New Life in Canada

Thuy Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee who resettled in Canada in the 1970s, welcomed into her home in 2016 the Noumans, a Syrian family from Homs, as part of the country’s private sponsorship refugee resettlement program.

The Noumans, who fled the war-torn city of Homs in 2014, spent two years in Amman crowded into a single room before traveling to Canada in January 2016.

Originally developed to support Vietnamese refugees fleeing the conflict in the late 1970s, the Canadian system allows residents to pool resources together to provide financial and social support for one year, according to a UNHCR report published in January 2017.

The video was released as part of a larger campaign around the release of the UNHCR’s Global Trends Report 2016 and World Refugee Day, slated to take place on June 20.

Click here for more information. Credit: UNHCR via Storyful