'Future Meteorologist' Provides Update as Storms Near Jonesboro

If you’re living in northeast Arkansas and looking for reliable weather reports, look no further than fifth-grader and aspiring meteorologist Ian Craig.

Ian’s mother Lorie says her son had a passion for meteorology since he was five years old, and loves going storm-chasing with his dad and grandpa.

Lorie previously shared videos of Ian monitoring the National Weather Service’s Doppler Radar system, and reporting on severe weather and tornado threats.

In this weather update, shot on Friday, May 22, as Ian and Lorie stood in line at a Jonesboro retail warehouse, Ian reports that a squall line was approaching the town at about 55 mph. “So, this thing has a lot of wind, lightning, rain, and maybe up to some quarter-sized hail, so stay tuned for more weather updates,” he tells viewers. Credit: Ian Craig via Storyful