'Ghost Ship' MV Alta Settles Against Rocks Off Irish Coast

The “ghost ship” MV Alta, which had been floating at sea for more than a year, came to rest on February 16 off the eastern coast of County Cork in Ireland.

The 77-meter ship was pushed against the rocks during Storm Dennis near Ballycotton. Contractors got access to the ship’s site for the first time on February 19 to carry out a pollution risk assessment.

The vessel ship was abandoned by its crew in the Atlantic Ocean and drifted for 18 months, local media reported. Officials were uncertain about the fate of the ship until August 2019, when the HMS Protector tweeted about the discovery – finding it unmanned. The ship was reported to have drifted from Africa, past Spain, and to Ireland.

RTE reported that an individual claiming to represent the owner of the MV Alta made contact with the Irish Revenue Commissioners, who were working to confirm ownership. Credit: Derek Whelen / Dublin Drone via Storyful