'Gonna Be an Interesting Drive': Truck Driver Observes Heavy Snow in Spokane

A truck driver surveyed a scene of heavy snow at a truck stop in Spokane, Washington, in the early hours of October 9.

Irmgard Price announced “Good morning Twitter!” as she recorded, adding, “It’s gonna be an interesting drive!”

Price and her husband were driving a load from Seattle to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She told Storyful that they’d stopped at the filling station to swap around.

Price described the following drive as “eventful,” saying that they “went through the snow storm that hit” and “saw lots of wrecks.”

The National Weather Service reported record-breaking snowfall in Spokane on October 8, and snow depth ranging from 0.1 inches to 5.2 inches across the region on October 9. Credit: Irmgard Price via Storyful