Government Releases Video of Attacks on State Security Forces

The Tunisian Ministry of the Interior has released video of what it claims shows evidence of attacks by protesters on state security offices.

The footage shared on the Ministry’s Facebook page showed the damage inside an office in al-Battan, a town in Manouba province on January 10. Prime Minister of Tunisia Youssef Chahed paid a surprise visit to the office on the same day, according to corresponding footage from his official Facebook page.

In the Interior Ministry’s latest video, protesters were also shown apparently attacking government buildings. The video later showed general scenes of street protests, including protesters throwing rocks and lighting fires in the road. In a press release on January 10, the Interior Ministry said it had arrested 375 people across the country in relation to the unrest.

Protest against increases in prices and taxes implemented in the 2018 budget broke out in the capital and across the country on January 8, including in Terbourba, where one protester was killed.

On January 12, the UNHCR warned Tunisian authorities not to arrest protesters in an “arbitrary manner”. It estimated 778 people had been imprisoned in connection with the unrest since January 8. Credit: Tunisian Ministry of the Interior via Storyful