Hailstones 'Bigger Than Softballs' Pummel North Texas Town

Severe weather hit many parts of northern Texas on May 22, including in Burkburnett where massive hail “the size of baseballs, softballs and larger” damaged “roofs and the windshields of cars,” according to local reports.

Burkburnett residents posted photos of enormous chunks of hail on social media. Among them was Toni Marie Scott, who took these photos, as well as a video showing heavy rain moving through the area.

One piece shared online in a photo by Scott was “bigger than a softball,” she said.

The National Weather Service had issued multiple tornado warnings for the area and said severe thunderstorms and large hail were reported across the north of the state.

A suspected tornado hit Bowie, Texas, on the same date, causing extensive damage to buildings. Credit: Toni Marie Scott via Storyful